Upcoming Events

April 11 … 7th-8th Boys 3x3 Individial Basketball Tournament

April-May … 4th Annual Bubble-Up 3x3 League

May-June … Friday Evening 5x5 7th-9th Boys FLEX League

4th Annual 3x3 League - Not Too Late!

With our new flex-scheduling, you can join the 3x3 league after it starts and only pay for the weekends you participate. Register for our Spring Bubble-Up 3x3 League. This league is growing each year, with over 300 players having participated in last year’s league. This year we will be adding a new feature -- in addition to being “bubble up,” it will also be a FLEX league, which means you sign up and pay for only the weekends you want to play! Last year this league filled to the limit and we had to turn away teams. It is never too late to register - even if you miss the first week, you can jump in. Click here to learn more.

7th-9th Boys Spring 5x5 FLEX League

Our spring 5x5 flex league is now open for registration. Pick up to 2 games per evening, and pay for only the evenings you select. This league is open to 7th-9th grade school teams (boys division only). The league will run from May 9 to June 13. We can handle up to 8 teams per evening. You can register at any time (including after May 9); however, once an evening is full, it will be removed from the registration form. Register early to get the weekends you want. Click here to learn more.


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